Efforts underway to protect Papikonda National Park

Rajamahendravaram: In the wake of extension of Papikonda National Park (PNP) area due to the construction of Polavaram project, the forest department is taking steps to enhance the protection to the PNP by restructuring wild life department.

 Until now, it was an impossible task top to protect the vast area of the PNP with limited staff and hence the plight of bio-diversity and wild life in the park was in danger.

The higher authorities of the forest department have formulated proposals to merge territorial department with the wild life department (DFO, Rajamahendravaram) in order to strengthen the force.
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 After declaring Papikonda reserved forest as Papikonda National Park keeping Polavaram in mind, the higher authorities have taken decision to strengthen the protection.

 The area of Papikonda protected forest has been extended from 590 square kilometers to 1012 square kilometers.

 Now, reserve forest, some revenue villages as well as submerged villages are in the ambit of PNP.

There are several departments including territorial, social forestry, wild life, logging and extension, research and training departments existing as of present.

Now, some ranges are also set to be merged into wild life department. Chintur, Koonavaram, V.R Puram, Lakkavaram, Yetapaka ranges are existing in Chintur division and Chintur and V.R Puram ranges are being merged into wildlife department.

Kakinada, Yeleswaram, Addatheegala, RajavommangiGokavaram, Sudikonda and Rampa Chodavaram ranges are existing in Kakinada division and Rampa Chodavaram and Gokavaram ranges where the PNP is existing have been merged into wildlife division of Rajamahendravaram.

   Eluru, Jangareddi Gudem, Kannapuram, Polavaram, Kukkunuru and Polavaram ranges are existing in Eluru division and Polavaram as well as Kukkunuru ranges are being merged in wildlife division of Rajamahendravaram.