Rural Seat Confirmed to Butchaiah – Durgesh Shifted to Nidadavole

Months of tension on Rajahmundry Rural Assembly Seat has been finally closed. Buchaiah Chowdary of TDP finally secured what he wanted. Kandula Durgesh’s Years of waiting for the MLA Seat has been vanished.

Janasena has officially announced today that Kandula Durgesh has been given the Nidadavole MLA ticket. The efforts of Butchaiah have succeeded as he managed to keep the Rajahmundry Rural ticket with him while Kandula Durgesh, who was initially gutted by the sacrifice has been pacified by the Janasena high command and has been relocated to Nidadavole. We could see more such cases in both the parties as the seat distribution discussions continue.


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