All set for pumping waterfrom Yeleru reservoir

All is set for pumping of water from the Yeleru reservoir from April 10 to meet the water needs of the city.

Right now around 300 cusecs is being drawn by gravity from the reservoir. With inflows in the Godavari being insufficient, drawing water from the lift scheme of Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Company (VIWSCO) at Kateru near Rajahmundry has been stopped to facilitate supply to agricultural operations. To meet the deficit, the quantum has been increased to 300 cusecs. Yeleru is expected to touch the dead storage level of 71.5 feet by April 10 when pumping of water will begin.

One of the major sources of water to the city, Yeleru reservoir, is located 156 km and water from it flows in an open canal. However, by pumping, only 200 cusecs can be drawn.

To make up for the deficit, VIWSCO has to fall back upon lifting again from the Godavari at Kateru.

Sources say initially 50 cusecs will be drawn and subsequently increased to 100 cusecs. Though the inflow in the Godavari is low, the level in the Godavari is being maintained by release of water from the Sileru river to meet the agricultural demand.

With the irrigation demand over by mid-April, the availability in the Godavari is expected to increase.

Flow delayed

Water flow is also delayed owing to the work on diaphragm wall as a part of the Polavaram irrigation project.

However, a clear picture on availability of water will emerge only after April 15, says an official. If the availability is good and level builds up in the Godavari, water can be pumped by the Purushothapatnam lift scheme from the river into Yeleru reservoir, say sources.

Though not at its second stage capacity of 1400 cusecs, at least 500 cusecs can be lifted. In that case, hopefully pumping can be stopped from the reservoir as water will flow by gravity, say sources.

Quantum of availability

However, neither irrigation nor VIWSCO officials are sure about the quantum of availability.

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