Ram Charan's Airlines Venture Commences

Ram Charan is a busy man these days. On one end he is

readying up for the production of his father’s 150th

film and on the other his airline business is almost

ready to go.

He has commenced the business for Godavari Pushkaralu.

Along with his friend V Umesh, Cherry has launched his

new airlines company Turbo Megha. Initially this

company will start its operations for Godavari


They have purchased two mini aircrafts and these are

readily placed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in


The two aircraft models are ATR72-500. Sources inform

us that the permission for this will come in four days

from the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Cherry will take the first flight of this venture to

Rajamundry. Presently he is busy shooting for Srinu

Vaitla’s film.
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