Jagan Fall and Pawan CM in next four years: Babu

"We are getting reports from many places that those people who filed nomination on Janasena ticket in Local Body elections are getting threats from the ruling party. This government and its leader are no great than Hitler, and that Hitler himself had fallen after a point of time" said Nagababu, speaking at the Formation Day of Janasena party today.

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan's second elder brother Nagababu unsuccessfully contested as MP on the party ticket in the last general election. Since then, he is not seen much anywhere in the party's activities, but today he turned up at Formation Day celebrations in Rajahmundry. He stated that Janasena will come to power in the next four years due to the way Pawan Kalyan is leading the party from the front.

"Big boulders won't get shaken by a single hit. Some may not break even after 99 hits but gets shattered to pieces with the 100th hit. Our president Pawan Kalyan will deliver that 100th hit to this government and make sure that Janasena comes to power in 2024" Nagababu asserted.

These types of cinematic punch dialogues do good on YouTube but in reality, Janasena should construct root level cadre in order to tackle the powerful YSR Congress and TDP as well.

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