Naidu hits back Jagan retreats

CM dares Jagan: Nee thandri valle kaaledu, nuvventha
Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu went at it hammer and tongs in the State Assembly on Tuesday, while intervening in a debate on the linking of rivers in the State as well as construction of Pattiseema lift irrigation project. A ferocious Naidu warned the Leader of Opposition, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, to mend his ways and that he would not tolerate any kind of ‘rowdyism’ by the YSRCP chief.
Naidu’s outburst was so forceful that it made Jagan retreat. This is quite a phenomenon as one only saw, since the budget session began, Jagan being at his offensive best, forcing the government to a defensive stand. But Tuesday was Naidu’s day to hit back which he did with all lung power at his command.
YSRCP chief is trying  to subvert the interests of the State by opposing all welfare measures. He is implementing the agenda of KCR who says AP should take his  nod to construct Pattiseema project
A visible angry Chief Minister charged Jagan with implementing the agenda of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao who said that AP should take his permission to construct the Pattiseema project. Naidu said Telangana has nothing to do with this project since it would be in the downstream area of Godavari after which the water goes into sea. He said though Chevella Pranahita and Devadula projects were being constructed upstream of Godavari, AP had never objected to it. He said Jagan was trying to subvert the interests of the state by opposing all welfare measures.
As the YSRCP members rose in defence of their leader and tried to rush into the well, he asked, “Yekkadiki Vastaru? Yem Chestaru? (Where are you coming, and what will you do)? Seeing the YSRCP members troop into the well and staging protest before the speaker’s podium and raising slogans, Chandrababu Naidu asked the Leader of opposition, “Is this what you mean when you said that you wanted to create ugly scenes in Assembly,” and further remarked, “Egiregri Paduthunnaru, Rowdyism Cheyyaleru” (You cannot resort to rowdyism in the House).
“Nee thandri valle Kaledu Nuvventha” (Even your father couldnt do it, what can you do?).  Amidst  continued protests by the YSRCP members, the Chief Minister continued his tirade against the Jagan.  Chandrababu further criticised “Your behaviour is not right” and said that “we know how to run the house”.
Naidu warned Jagan saying “You can’t disturb the functioning of the House. We don’t allow you to project your agenda in the House. Jagan is provoking his MLAs to stall the House and is egging them to storm the podium. I don’t allow you to show your goondagiri here. This is not the platform for that.”

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