Govt to establish high speed wifi to houses in Andhra

Pursuing provid its ambitious goal of providing broadband connection to 12 million households, the government has decided to establish the Andhra Pradesh Fibre Corporation (APFC).

According to GO MS 5, released by the state government on Wednesday, the APFC will be created as a special purpose vehicle to own assets, drive the necessary procurement and contracts, and make decisions about the requirements related to setting up of a fibre grid in the state.

With the formation of APFC, the government wants to establish a fibre grid up to the village level in order to spur economic development and to provide integrated services to citizens. “The architecture, design, innova tion, management, operational oversight and monetization of this network would be managed by the Fibre Corp,“ the GO said.

The GO also said that the approach is to synergize with the efforts of the Centre under the National Optical Fibre Network and Digital India initiatives.

“The Fibre Corp is 100% government owned, ensuring that the asset and its long term value resides fully with the people,“ the GO said. The government has said it would contribute Rs 7 crore as the initial share capital for the fibre corporation. APFC will be registered with a fund of Rs 10 crore towards initial expenses, including registration, consultancy charges and contribution to share capital and other related activities.

To be headquartered in Vijayawada, the corporation would operate under the purview of department of information technology, electronics and communications.

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