BJP-JS name candidates, want polls postponed

Visakhapatnam: BJP MLC PVN Madhav said on Saturday that Jana Sena chief Pavan Kalyan may visit Visakhapatnam to campaign for the BJP-Jana Sena alliance. He announced that the two parties will organise a joint road-show on March 16, where the actor-turned-politician is slated to participate.
The BJP MLC said that the party will urge the election commission to postpone the elections. He added that Jana Sena and BJP will campaign together to ensure that they get maximum possible number of seats.
The BJP-Jana Sena alliance released a list of candidates for all 98 wards of GVMC. As per their alliance formula, 51 seats were allotted to Jana Sena and 47 seats to BJP.
BJP’s Vishnu Kumar Raju raised the question whether it is right to conduct elections at a time when the threat of coronavirus is looming large. He said that the election commission should see the facts and ensure that the infection does not spread owing to elections.
Meanwhile, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who addressed a gathering in Rajahmundry on the occasion of Jana Sena formation day on Saturday said, “TDP tried to frighten Jana Sena in one way. YSRC is trying to do the same thing in another way.”
“Give support to YSRC if you want the state to be ruled by criminals. Vote for Jana Sena if you want to build a good society,” Kalyan said.
Addressing party workers, Pawan said that he decided to forge an alliance with the BJP because he believes that the state needs Jana Sena. He said that the party should not lose its existence even if it does not get voted to power.

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