Tobacco Board celebrates formation day in Guntur

By Express News Service

GUNTUR:  The  Tobacco Board celebrated its formation day in Guntur on Friday. Secretary Sunita said that on this day, the board recognises farmers and traders under progressive and organic grower, trader categories respectively based on their value of exports. “Last year we gave the best employee awards to those with an extraordinary contribution to tobacco cultivation an distribution.”

Tobacco Board is committed to the welfare of 90,000 tobacco cultivators in an area 1,60,000 hectares. Consequently, the board launched massive campaigns last year pertaining to green manure to increase soil health. “We took measures to popularise biological methods such as the supply of bio-pesticides, border/trap crops, pheromone and yellow sticky traps to protect crops from pests and diseases and to prevent pesticide residues.

The board is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation and totally self-sustaining. We meet our expenditure without help from the State,” Sunita added. The board has made planting of 10 tree saplings per year by every tobacco grower and trader mandatory for renewal of registration. As a result, over 6.5 lakh saplings were planted in 2019. The board got support from CTRI, Rajahmundry and NIPHM, Hyderabad in this regard. Chairperson Y Raghunath Babu, secretary K Sunita, and other officials participated.

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