Birthday Special: Bhanupriya left school to work in this film

Bhanupriya, a famous actress of Tollywood and South film industry, needs no introduction. Bhanupriya celebrates her birthday on 15 January. Bhanupriya earned a lot of name in South not only on the strength of her acting and beauty. Born in Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, Bhanupriya started acting at the age of 17. Her first film is 'Mella Pesungal' which was released in 1983. Bhanu stepped into Bollywood in the 90s after gaining popularity in the South. The story of Bhanupriya appearing in films is also very interesting. Bhanupriya's real name is Manga Bhama. She has not already had any film background. One day Bhagyaraja Guru came there while she was studying in school. She wanted to get a teen girl for her film who knows how to dance.

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According to media reports, he selected Bhanupriya, but during a photoshoot, he felt that Bhanu is very small, so she was not cast in this film. After this, Bhanu never went to school again. But she had already said in school that she is playing in films and she would go to school after the film After that she found work in films and also got success. Meanwhile, Bhanupriya also got her photoshoot done. When Bharathiraja Guru got an eye on her photoshoot, he gave her a chance in Tamil film 'Pasiyadu'. While she was doing this film, she was offered Vamsi Guru's 'Sitara' and then 'Chandrangam'. First 'Sitara' was released, which proved to be a big hit and won several awards with the best regional film at the national level.

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Bhanupriya took entry in Bollywood from the film 'Dosti Dushmani' in 1986. She has acted in nearly 150 films so far, including 'Insaaf Ki Pukar' (1987), 'Khudgarz' (1987), 'Mar Mitenge' (1988), 'Tamancha' (1988), 'Surya' (An Awakening) ) (1989), 'Daav Pench' (1989), 'Donor of the Poor' (1989), 'Kasam Vardi Ki' (1989), 'Poisonous' (1990) and 'Bhabhi' (1991). In most of Bhanupriya's films, his costar was Jeetendra. Bhanupriya gave 33 years to the film industry. Bhanupriya's personal life is also very interesting. Bhanu's parents were against the marriage. Bhanupriya later married on 14 June 1998 in California. At the same time 5 years later in 2003, she gave birth to daughter Abhinaya. However, Bhanupriya and Kaushal divorced in 2005 after 7 years of marriage.

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