Tenders for 5 NH bridges at Polavaram to be called soon

Rajahmundry: The process of retendering has begun for the remaining works in the main canals of Polavaram project along with reverse tendering of the project’s main works. Construction of five crossing bridges on the national highway is part of these works.
As far as the excavation of the right main canal is concerned, 178 km of exaction and 156 km of lining were already completed by the time the YSRC government took over in May, besides construction of 209 structures out of 265. In the left main canal, excavation of 185 out of 210 km has been completed while 165 out of 453 structures have been completed. Tenders are being called for 334 structures for RMC and LMC.
Construction of crossing bridges at 10 places on the national highway on the right main canal has to be done along with one railway crossing in Visakhapatnam district. Construction of three bridges at Murari, Mallepalli and Burugupudi are close to completion.
The state government has directed the authorities disclose details of bridges where 25% of works were not completed, and five such bridges have been identified. Now, tenders for construction these five bridges are being called again. Each bridge will cost between Rs 16 to Rs 18 crore, while works to the tune of Rs 25 crore have already been completed in three bridges.
With regard to Penna interlinking, Tadipudi, Purushottapatnam and Pattiseema schemes, the water resources department is preparing a clarification to be given to the National Green Tribunal, which had raised objections on these schemes.

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