Woman Of Rajahmundry Made Aware Of Menstrual Hygine

Rajahmundry: MVR Murthy the Municipal Health Officer of Rajahmundry called upon girls to give up on their mistaken beliefs when it comes to their periods. He also advised them to use sanitary napkins and dispose of them in the right way.

As a part of the world Menstural Hygiene Day a human chain was formed on Tuesday along with government agencies, self group women and health workers.

In a speech to the women he asked the girls to make themselves femiliar with this natural phenomenon and not be ashamedof it. He asked them to not skip school and colleges in fear of embarassment.

He requested them to use sanitary napkins instead of soiled clothes hat could cause infection. He also said that use of medicines could be harmful and so he asked them to consult a doctor if they were facing heavy bleeding.

He also spoke about not dumping Sanitary napkins in places it could be a problem, like in the toilet etc.

Earlier, the civic authorities along with several government agencies took out a rally to bring about awareness among the girls on menstrual cycle.

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