Blood banks in East Godavari going dry in summer months

By Express News Service

RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM: There is an acute shortage of blood in 15 blood banks of East Godavari district. The blood banks in the district are not able to meet the demand, especially during emergencies. 
As per estimates, around 3,500 delivery cases take place in all the government hospitals in the district and out of these about 1,800 to 2,000 require surgeries.

Around 60 to 70 per cent of women require blood infusion during surgery and delivery. Apart from this, blood is also needed to meet the requirement of persons injured in accidents. But, the stock in the blood banks of the district is not enough to meet these requirements.

In most of the blood banks and hospitals in the district, patients fail to get the required blood when they need it the most. For example, 100 units of blood is required in Tuni blood bank every month, however, in March and April it only had a stock of 46 and 31 units respectively. Usually many come forward to donate blood. But, this being summer, donors are not coming forward to donate blood out of fear of some summer-induced health complications.

Many patients and their relatives in the government general hospital in Rajamahendravaram said that the authorities should take proper care to keep sufficient stock of blood for emergency purpose. Blood donation is not so easy. The donor should have sound health condition in order to be fit to donate blood. 
The usual practice is youth, who wish to donate blood, should have a hemoglobin count of up to 12.5 and their weight should be more than 45 kg.

Speaking to TNIE, DM&HO Dr T Ramesh Kishore said that they were trying to hold a meeting with blood bank people and identify the areas where there is shortage. Accordingly, they would organise blood donation camps and collect blood to overcome shortage.

Every drop matters 
According to health experts, summer months see fewer people donating blood as there is an ‘illogical’ fear that donating blood in the summer will cause weakness
Excessive sweating during summer generally causes fatigue, weakness and dehydration. This often results in a mental block among voluntary donors from donating blood as they think donating blood will make them weaker.

For people who have a rare blood group — negative groups and AB positive — the wait is even longer
Earlier, donated blood would only be screened for malaria and syphilis. Now, tests are run to detect HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. Many blood samples do not pass the screening

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