Rajahmundry: Vigil along coastline to enforce fishing ban

Rajahmundry: Following the ongoing ban on fishing in sea and also due to imminent cyclonic storm Fani, the Fisheries authorities are keeping close guard, round-the-clock, all along the 161 km stretch of coastline, covering 99 habitations of fisher folks and 30 fish landing centres to ensure that no fisherman ventures into the sea and risks his life in East Godavari.

The Fisheries Department has deployed nearly 60 personnel, comprising assistant inspectors, field men, multi-purpose extension assistants and others all along the coastline from Antarvedi to Tondangi to keep a tab on fishermen venturing into the sea from their habitations. There are nearly 4,000 boat owners and 22,000 registered fishermen with the department in the district.

As a ban on fishing in sea is in force from April 15 to June 14, stretching to 61 days in the state, the fisheries personnel, with the help of marine police, are keeping a watch on fishermen to see that none enters the sea for fishing. They are also keeping a watch on fish traders who intend to purchase fish brought from the sea by the fishermen and also local buyers to see that no activity takes place, to facilitate breeding of the fish in the sea.

As cyclonic storm is brewing, the fisheries authorities intend to impose curbs on fishermen’s movement, by not allowing them into the sea and accordingly, a constant vigil is being kept at their habitations and also at the fish landing centres.

Amalapuram Fisheries Deputy Director P. Jaya Rao said: “We have instructed all the fishermen not to venture into sea for fishing due to ongoing ban on fishing in the sea and also due to the cyclonic storm to ensure their safety. Our personnel, with the support of marine police, are keeping close guard all along the coastline to see that no fisherman enters into sea for fishing.”

On the other hand, Kakinada-based Reliance Foundation is sending pre-recorded voice messages and alert messages on Whatsapp group to all registered farmers, marine fishermen and aqua farmers since the last three days on their mobile phones.

Nearly 10.32 lakh farmers are registered with the NGO where it advises farmers to expedite crop harvest by using machinery by end of Monday or wait for two days as heavy rainfall is expected under the influence of storm.

The fisheries commissioner has asked 83,000 marine fishermen to secure their boats and fishing nets as they may be washed away or damaged due to the storm and for 32,000 aqua farmers, the message asked them to expedite harvesting the crop or wait for a few days.


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