Mystery Shrouds YS Jagan Attacker's Hospitalisation

Rajamahendravaram: Janupalli Srinivasa Rao, who is the main accused in the attack against YSRCP chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy last year, was admitted to Rajahmundry Government Hospital after he fell ill “seriously” on April 23. Doctors say that Srinivasa Rao had a viral fever, but one fails to understand why there was so much of secrecy attached to his hospitalisation.

When the media received a tip-off about Srinivasa Rao’s hospitalisation on Wednesday, they immediately descended on the scene. As soon as the media arrived at the hospital, Rajamehdravaram Three Town CI Sekhar Babu along with a posse of policemen hurriedly took Srinivasa Rao back to Central Jail.

Doctors attending to Srinivas Rao dispelled the rumours that he had symptoms of heart attack and other major health issues after conducting tests. It was revealed that the medical reports of Srinivasa Rao were normal, and he was doing perfectly fine.

While this being the case, one doesn’t understand as to why the police and jail authorities are misleading the media about his health condition. In fact, the media is kept in the dark about the room where Srinivasa Rao was treated and the status of his health. They informed the media that he was in the general ward, but when he was actually treated in ICU.

Another curious aspect is that there were no CC Cameras in the ICU, and the police were not giving any valid reasons as to why he was moved to ICU just for a viral fever.

When media came to know about his hospitalisation, he was hurriedly shifted out from there. His face was covered with a towel and he had to be carried out by two policemen and was whisked away into an escort car and taken back to jail. It emerged that Srinivasa Rao was speaking to several unknown people who had come to meet him in the hospital.

If a visitor has to meet a prisoner, he or she has to furnish an Aadhaar card or any form of ID, which is then logged into the visitors register book. Word has it that he was admitted to hospital to help him meet ‘unknown’ people as the jail authorities can do away with these formalities at the hospital.

Now who were he talking to and what were they discussing is not known, but speculation is that he might have had discussions with legal team to discuss the future status of the case and chart out the next course of action. It is believed that the police and hospital authorities have supported him in the hospitalisation “drama”.

Srinivasa Rao's parents Tata Rao and Savithri and brother Subbaraju who live in Mummidivaram, East Godavari district were a worried lot after the news of his hospitalisation came about. His brother Subbaraju met him in the hospital and enquired about his health.

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