Cousin Heroes Sharing West And East Godavari

In a surprising thing of sorts both the mega cousins, Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej are clashing with each other at the box office in a day's gap. While Inttelligent is hitting cinemas on February 9th, the very next day we have Tholiprema's outing. Not just films, but here is another such clash.

Apparently, Varun Tej's Tholiprema will see its pre-release function held today at SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram. And then, we have Sai Dharam Tej's Inttelligent pre-release event scheduled at Rajahmundry the next day. In a bid to woo audiences of both Telugu states, many big stars these days are conducting one of their events either at Vijayawada or Vizag as some functions will anyway take place in Hyderabad. But it looks like these two Mega cousins are finding a couple of new destinations.

While Varun will have this event hosted in West Godavari, Sai Dharam's event is going to happen in East Godavari. That way they both shared the two Godavari districts rather going to some Tirupathi or Vijayawada or Vizag. These two back to back mega functions in Godavari districts are also exciting their humongous fanbase too.

And now let us ask, who is the Chief Guest for these two events? It looks like they both have not invited any other than a couple of local politicians including an MLA and a Minister.

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