West Godavari: Kids made to stand near loo for not paying term fee

Rajahmundry: Three students of Ravindra Bharati School at Akiveedu in West Godavari, were forced to stand near a bathroom for several hours as punishment for failing to pay their term fees. The students — Naga Prasanna, Class I, Sai Vara Prasad, Class II and Yeshita Naga Sai Teju, Class III came to school as usual on Monday. 

However, their teacher Rupa did not allow them to write the quarterly exam and instead asked them to stand near the bathroom as they had not paid their term fees. After reaching home in the evening, the small children informed their parents. 

On Tuesday morning, Naga Prasanna started crying and told her father D. Srinivas that she was scared to go to school for the fear of being punished again. Father of Naga Sai Teju, Vara Prasad also learnt about the punishment meted out to his daughter and both the parents Srinivas and Prasad went to the school in the morning and asked the management as to how the small children could be punished by making them stand for hours because their fees were not paid by their parents. 

The school head was not available at that time and as there was no proper response from the school management, the parents alerted the school education authorities. 

The mandal education officer concerned visited the school and recorded the statement from the three students and informed his senior officials.

Parents are now demanding action against the school management for meting out such harsh punishment to their children and to compound it by denying them the opportunity to appear for the exams.

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