Mudragada Met Chowdary For Settlement!

'Kapu crusader' Mudragada Padmanabham might be pretending as he is fighting against the TDP government for Kapu reservations, but the truth that recently exposed is his 'business interests' with TDP leaders.

Allegedly, Mudragada along with Rajahmundry city MLA Akula Satyanarayana (BJP) have met Rajahmundry rural MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary at his house for Property settlement that was linked to Mudragada's son-in-law's father, Barlapudi Ravindra Kumar.

Going into complete details, Mudragada's son-in-law's father Barlapudi Ravindra Kumar has allegedly tried to occupy the Property of a young entrepreneur who is an NRI. While both parties are fighting over this Property, local police stepped in finally with the intervention of rural MLA Buchiah Chowdary. Cops have filed an FIR (FIR no 273/2017). While the matter reached court and summons were issued to Mudragada party, the team felt the pressure and came to Buchiah Chowdary to personally resolve the issue.

Instead of letting the law take its own course, Mudragada & Co are allegedly bypassing the case by trying to put political pressure to settle the case privately. This is raising many doubts on Mudragada and his 'sincerity' for Kapu community.

Ironically the NRI entrepreneur is also from Kapu community and is an upcoming business person. In this process it is clear that Mudragada Padmanabham on one hand 'using' Kapu tag but when it comes to personal family the Kapu community things take a back seat.

It is learnt that local MLA Akula Satyanarayana is aiding Mudragada for reasons better known to them. If Mudragada padmanabham had to come personally to resolve the issue with Buchaiah Chowdary, one can imagine what could be at stake. It is buzzed that already the issue has reached the higher-ups in the TDP and even triggering tremors with in TDP.

Looks like, Mudragada's 'Property settlement' is expected to be a crucial topic in East Godavari Politics.

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