A challenging task for GVMC

With lakhs of people traversing the 32-km path of the ‘Giri pradakshina’ (circumbulation of the hill), providing amenities and keeping it clean was a tough task. The task is all the more challenging considering that parts of the stretch fall in isolated areas.

As many as 180 toilets were arranged en route, while around 10 water tankers were deployed to maintain supply in drums kept there.

Clearing lakhs of used water sachets and other rubbish thrown by the devotees was a big task. Though bins were kept at the tents erected and along the way, devotees pick up something and throw as they go along.

At many places workers were at hand to pick up any cup, plate, sachets, wrappers etc as soon as it was thrown by the devotees. Volunteers of service organisations were also chipped in.

Besides placing bins at regular intervals, GVMC outsourced in the respective zones a total of 250 to 300 additional workers to clear the litter. An equal number of regular GVMC workers put on the job, said GVMC Chief Medical Officer (health) A. Hemanth.

The workers as well as the supervising officials, including sanitary inspectors, assistant medical officers and zone commissioners worked round the clock to clear the litter.

Requisitioning through contractors from Rajahmundry and Guntur, 180 mobile toilets were set up and workers earmarked to maintain them.

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