Three more years of remote administration in AP

At least for another 3 years Andhra Pradesh will have to be governed by remote administration i.e. from Hyderabad. As realities of administration dawn, it is becoming clear that the Govt will have to function from 250 kms till the state capital is ready to roll out the government.

Varied proposals have come up of shifting administration after the academic year and secondly after construction of a temporary capital at a cost of Rs.250 crore. Even the contract to a company to lay sheds and other infrastructure over five lakh sq. meters area and tenders etc was announced for some key departments. But in the final count nothing has materialized and considered plans have been dropped.

The employees associations rejected the temporary capital zone and questioned 'when Hyderabad is considered a temporary capital, why another temporary capital exercises?’. Thus the temporary capital proposal has taken a back seat in the heat and dust over Patriseema. 'Technically, Pattiseema itself is a short cut to Polavaram,’ says a Govt spokesman.

Meanwhile Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been busy shuttling to Delhi, Singapore and now China. In view of TDP contractors, investors and money spinners to exploit the situation and the new opportunities in the emerging state - the TDP government is now refocusing on the issue to ensure faster results on the foundation for the new capital city after Singapore issues final master plan and also complete it maximum by 2018.

Both ways the efforts would go a long way for the TDP to establish its credentials and also good will in the electorate in the 2019 general elections and remain in power for another two terms. Approximately a huge investment of Rs. 5 lakh crore - for new urban infrastructure, new capital  buildings, roads, irrigation projects  and finally civic services - are on the anvil in AP in the coming one decade " say economic experts.

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