Summer Effect: Veils for Girls, Masks for Boys!

VIJAYAWADA:With maximum temperature touching 36 degree Celsius in the City, there is a steady increase in the number of faces going behind the veils/masks to protect themselves from the Sun as well as pollution.
Incidentally, while the girls have been using the veils for a long time now, the protective masks have now caught the fancy of boys and they are buying them to match their trendy bikes. And boys and girls as also men and women of all ages are making a beeline to the shops to purchase the masks / veils.
While one can see girls covering their faces and hair with designer scarves to protect them from the scorching Sun, the boys can be seen wearing trendy masks in tune with style of their bikes of protecting their faces.
“I have spent around Rs 350 to buy this monster-printed mask, which matches my R15 bike. I love to be different and searched many shops for this unique design. Of Course, I am also wearing it to protect my face from the Sun and pollution which is on rise these days,” said N Vamsi, pointing at his mask.
“The craze for trendy masks and scarves has caught up among the youngsters these days. They are using these masks and scarves not only to protect themselves from the Sun and dust, but also to make a style statement. There are varieties of masks available ranging in cost from Rs 150 to Rs 600 depending on the material used, design and quality,” said P Sarath, a merchant in Besant Road. He added that the good thing about these masks was that they were washable and could be used even in winter season to protect the wearers from cold weather.
Surprisingly, most of the medical shops are also selling the masks at Rs 60 to Rs 90. “These are mainly for the health-conscious.
With the outbreak of Swine Flu in many districts, people above the age of 35 are buying these masks and wearing them as   protective shields”, said K Ravi, owner of Ravi Medical Store in the city.

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