TDP, YSRC to Blame for Ugly Scenes: BJP

VIJAYAWADA: BJP state general secretary J Shyam Kishore found fault with both the opposition and ruling parties in the state for wasting precious time of the Assembly meant to discuss issues of public importance, by engaging in exchange of insults and levelling allegations using unparliamentary language.
Speaking to newsmen here Thursday, he said both sides should refrain from making personal attacks; instead they should focus on important issues such as farm loan waiver. Claiming that Modi’s government at the Centre is committed to fulfil every promise made to the state in the AP Reorganisation Act, he said the Congress, which in the first place had failed to bring out a foolproof state reorganisation act, is now pressing for the special status.
“Their efforts to garner the support of people by burning Venkaiah Naidu in effigy, blaming him for delay in according special status is laughable and should be condemned. Everyone is aware of the fact that it was Venkaiah Naidu who waged a relentless battle in the Rajya Sabha for getting justice to AP, when the Congress MPs representing the state stood as mere spectators,” he said.

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