Peetala Sujata slams YSRCP MLA Roja over unparliamentary language against Dalits

Women politicians are known to be daring. However, when two women politicians clash it makes for an interesting visual. Actress Roja's antics are shame to civil society, said Andhra Pradesh Minister for women and child welfare, Peetala Sujata.
Taking a dig at YSRC MLA Roja, Sujata said Roja has been using unparliamentary language on Dalits and that there is not an iota of truth in all the claims of corruption Roja had made against her. If you prove anything, I will resign from politics and if you are proved wrong you should quit your MLA post, sujata demanded. ''All cassettes of  Roja are sensationalizing  and selling like hot cakes in the market."
Sujata said, “Roja's behavior in the assembly was highly objectionable. Roja constantly gives side comments even while CM Chandrababu Naidu spoke, which can be observed in the footage also.” Reacting to comments of Roja that TDP Leaders do not have guts to face her, Sujata retaliated by cautioning and questioned her experience and political future.

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