AP Government to Gift iPhone 6 to its MLAs

HYDERABAD: At a time when the Union government is reportedly wondering at the way the Andhra Pradesh government is claiming that it has huge revenue deficit despite its efforts to waive crop loans, much to the shock of the Centre, the state government has reportedly decided to present  iPhone 6 smartphones to all the 175 MLAs.

To continue the ongoing practice of giving expensive gifts to MLAs on the final day of the budget session of the State Assembly, the state government reportedly decided to gift the legislators with luxurious gizmos.

Each iPhone 6 costs around `55,000 to 70,000 based on their models. That means, if such expensive smartphones are given to the 175 MLAs, it imposes an amount of `1 crore to 1.5 crore financial burden on the exchequer.

Though it is a regular practice for all successive governments to present expensive gifts to MLAs during budget sessions, majority of the legislators during private talks admit that none of them use these expensive gifts such as laptops and iPads. But, these high-priced gadgets are being very much used by the members of their families, the legislators say.

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