‘Only black money holders are opposing demonetisation’

RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM: Stating that only black money holders were opposing demonetisation, Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said that the Centre’s exercise would benefit the poor and the common man in the long run and harm only those who possess unaccounted for money and disproportionate assets.
Addressing the media here, Mr. Naidu said that teething troubles were common in any initiative, and demonetisation was no exception.
“But still, people are welcoming it and congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Except black money holders, everyone is happy with demonetisation,” he said, adding that cancellation of high denomination notes did not affect the poor and the common man. It was shortage of small change that was pestering them at many places.
“The issue will be addressed very soon. It is like a rebirth of our economy and we have to share the pangs initially,” he said.
Lambasting the opposition parties for politicising the issue by calling for bandh, Mr. Naidu wondered why a bandh should be observed when most of the people were happy with Mr. Modi’s decision.
“People won’t participate in the bandh as they are welcoming demonetisation and putting up with the initial inconvenience,” he said.
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