Fraudster surrenders at DGP office

Parabattula Avinash Dev Chandra, in his mid 30s, who has three police cases registered against him in Peddapuram (East Godavari) and Kakinada, allegedly for defrauding people and also extorting money from others, surrendered before Inspector-General of Police (Andhra Pradesh) in-charge of coastal region, Atul Singh here on Thursday.

According to the police, he is said to be involved in several cases of cheating people by posing himself as the chairman of International Human Rights and someone who has high- level contacts.

An advocate and a representative of a Telugu television channel were present along with him when he was first produced before Mr. Singh. The senior police asked people not to be misled by such persons. He also said that if more people had cause for complaint against Avinash, they were free to lodge their complaints.

It was said that after surrendering before Mr. Atul Singh, the accused was taken to the chambers of the DGP J.V. Ramudu. However, Mr. Ramudu dismissed him within a few minutes saying the law would take its own course. It is understood that he was immediately escorted to East Godavari district by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Peddapuram).

Parabattula Avinash Dev Chandra was wanted in three cases related to fraud and extortion, registered in Peddapuram (East Godavari) and Kakinada

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