Planning of Daily Harathi to Godavari

Endowment Department is planning on daily harathi pragramme to Godavari. If everything is OK, this will be started from this Ugadi. As of noe Godavari Harathi is been given on every full moon day by Budhdhavarapu Charitable Trust. Rather than the full moon, like the Ganga aarti, Godavari arti is also planning every day . To  conduct aarti program once in a month cost upto Rs 25 thousand. To conduct this program every day something along the lines of the Ganga aarti costs Rs 6 lakh per month. Is it possible Devadayasakha have to endure the amount of such situations? If so ketayincinagani funds, especially for a team to manage the daily aarti program, this program should be able to manage a pratyekadhikari. The provisions in the event that the question of how devadayasakha. Pushkar during 2003, only a few days earlier, was also at the time of the Godavari nityaharatinivvalani devadayasakha.
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