Forest Land in Diwancheruvu will soon be de-notified – Necessary measures to be taken to protect the land from illegal encroachment


According to the latest news published in Andhra Bhoomi on 17/11/2014, the central government is ready to de-notify the forest land adjacent to Diwancheruvu gram panchayat for the establishment of IT companies and Educational institutions promised under the state bifurcation act. 1000 acres of the land out of more than 2,500 acres of the forest will be de-notified in the first phase. The state government however has to provide an alternative land for developing a new forest region and all expenses for the development of that forest shall be borne by the state government itself. 
This is a good news for the people of Godavari districts as this region is going to be an educational and industrial hub in these districts in future with the establishment of new IT companies and Petrochemical University and many educational institutions around this region.
However, it is important to understand the impact of deforestation on the climate and rainfall in this region. Also, there is a threat from land grabbers who can encroach in this land if proper measures are not taken to protect it. Therefore, all the people and the leaders have to take necessary steps to protect it and develop it for our requirements as well as maintain the harmony of the forest region by developing it as an eco-park.
The immediate measures to be taken by the state government and the leaders will be:
  1. Publish the details of the total forest land (total area, location and map) to the public.
  2. Publish the details of the land that is going to be de-notified marking the boundaries.
  3. A compound wall shall be built around the entire forest area to protect it from illegal encroachment by land grabbers. The entire region shall be developed as a new campus and a well-built road shall be constructed around the campus to access it from four directions.
  4. The land has to be utilized only for the development of educational, IT, medical and any other important institutions and offices that are beneficial to the public.
  5. The land shall be the property of the government and should not be sold to any private organization.
  6. More than 30%-40% of the land shall be utilised for development of parks and preserve the forest plant and animal life.
  7. Deforestation has to be avoided as much as possible and the land required for buildings and roads shall be planned and constructed wisely. Probably, multi-storied buildings that occupy less land area shall be constructed.
It is very important for everyone to realize the importance of this region and put our efforts to prevent this land from falling into the hands of illegal land grabbers and ensure it is used for the betterment of the people.

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