Special training session for doctors appointed for one-stop centres

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: A one-day special training for gynaecologists to be appointed at the Disha one-stop centres was conducted by the Women and Child Welfare Department in Rajamahendravaram on Tuesday.
Twenty-three doctors from across the state, including three from Vijayawada, attended the training.

Dr PN Karunavathi, a participant, said: “The training was more of an interactive session between judges, police personnel and doctors. Several a times, it is difficult for the officials to understand terms used in the medical reports. Due to this, there are chances of misinterpretation of the reports, which may lead to incorrect judgements. So the doctors shared meanings of commonly used terminologies with them.”

Not just that, even the doctors were enlightened about some new legal concepts. “A few of the newly added rules were also explained to us by the policemen and judges. One of the major rule that has changed is that earlier the deadline for generating reports within 24 hours was applicable only to POCSO cases, which now has been extended to all rape cases to be tried under the Disha Act,” added the doctor.

To avoid tampering of the reports, they will be hand-written initially, and later be uploaded online. “While the doctor will write the report, a video and photograph of it will also be taken and shared with the higher authorities so that we have enough evidence about each and every report,” said Dr. Nilima, who has been appointed the nodal officer of the one-stop centres.Dr P Durga Kumari and Dr S Haritha also attended the interactive training session.

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