Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode August 25: Jaanu Ignores Jnanamba ...

While, Rama takes Janaki to Rajahmundry, Mallika decides to follow them to know the truth. She calls an auto and follows them. However, the auto stops and Mallika phones her husband to come and pick her up. Vishnu comes and warns her not to go but Mallika forces him to take her.

After dropping Janaki at the coaching centre, Rama Chandra waits for her. Jaanu introduces her friend Abhinav to Rama. Abhi tells Rama that Jaanu is a rebel during college times. When Jaanu tells that Rama is her husband, Abhi gets shocked that she got married and congratulates her.

When Mallika and Vishnu were about to find them, Rama and Jaanu leaves the coaching centre. Meanwhile, Jnanamba phones Mallika and instructs her to come home immediately.

A political leader comes to Jnanamba’s house and gives them an order of 1,000 plates. When Jnanamba refuses to take the order, Janaki interferes and accepts their order. Jnanamba gets shocked after learning about Janaki's decision. Later, Janaki advises Jnanamba not to lose hope and explains her plan. Will her plan work out to make the order is to be watched in the episode.

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