Black fungus cases rise in East Godavari district

Kakinada: Already reeling under the sweeping wave of Covid-19, occurrence of black fungus infections among the patients as well as those who recovered from it is giving jitters to the beleaguered public.

The number of black fungus cases is increasing in East Godavari district. These cases are being treated only at the Government General Hospital (GGH) at Kakinada.  It is learnt that 10 persons with black-fungus symptoms were admitted to GGH on Sunday. The number of cases has risen to 94 at GGH. On Sunday, one black fungus patient died. Surgeries were performed on four black fungus patients.

The kin and relatives of some patients are very much worried, saying there is no information from doctors on the condition of patients.  On Sunday, a youth approached Rajamahendravaram MP M. Bharat who was hold rachabanda at his camp office, and informed that his father died of Covid-19. Add to the shock is the condition of his mother who is not only Corona-infected but also suffering from black fungus. He prayed to the MP to help save her life.

Another youth approached the MP and complained that his father was admitted in GGH with black fungus, but there is no proper treatment for him.  The MP called up the GGH Superintendent and requested her to give better treatment to the black-fungus patients and take steps for their speedy recovery.

A youth and his sister approached the MP to show them livelihood as both their parents died of Covid-19 recently and now they became orphans. The MP promised to help them.


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