Andhra Pradesh: Corona patient on ventilator gives birth to baby

VISAKHAPATNAM: The doctors in King George Hospital (KGH) in Vizag created a history by performing a cesarean operation on a patient who is on ventilator on Thursday. This is the first of its kind operation in the state.
A 27-year-old pregnant Covid patient from Tamaracherla in Vizag District on a ventilator gave birth to a baby boy as doctors performed a risky cesarean operation. The mother and the baby boy are safe. Amazingly, the saturation levels of the woman increased after delivery.
According to sources, the pregnant woman who tested positive was admitted to the CSR block in KGH. She was on a ventilator for the past ten days. While the health condition of the pregnant woman was deteriorating and when normal delivery was not possible, the doctors headed by Ampolu Kavita decided to perform cesarean.
Doctor Kavita, who is on duty at covid block CSR in KGH for the past 10 months, had performed hundreds of deliveries. She has been working in KGH for the past 13 years. “ The patient is almost on table death. We have made the decision to go for a cesarean to deliver the baby. It's a challenging operation. Because in Covid patients, the bleeding would be more,’ doctor Kavita said.
Kavita, who did her MBBS in 2001, said that she performed cesarean on patients on oxygen, but not on a ventilator “After delivery, the saturation levels of the woman increased and she is on the recovery path. She will be on a ventilator for two to three days before we shift her to room,” the doctor said.
At present, 28 pregnant covid women are in the CSR block of KGH and the number was 90 last month. Doctors in the CSR block in the hospital performed 150 cesarean operations on pregnant women as many Covid patients had come from Eluru, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada and other parts of AP state.

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