Scary, but can be won over

Rajamahendravaram: ''When you hear news of spike in Covid cases and resultant deaths, it does make one scary. But then let us understand that protection is in our hands. Still if we are infected, one should be brave and confident. It can be won. Things will become worse if you panic. Fear and panic affects the system and aggravates the health issues". "Some people refuse to take rich food if affected, saying they are not able to cherish the taste. That is also not good. Eat well whether you feel the taste or not only then you will regain your taste. Build immunity and strictly follow the doctor's advice. They are struggling to save us and the minimum we can do is to cooperate with them", says a retired employee, A Raju of Dowleswaram.

"Proper and timely medicines, rich food, mild exercises and positive thinking is what can cure you fast. The family too has a responsibility towards you. They should support and encourage you and not be gloomy which would make you further depressed", he said. Raju said in April he had body pains, cough and fever. On the advice of doctors got admitted to a private hospital. He said he kept talking to his friends and family members about everything, except Corona. That helped in boosting his morale and in 10 days he went back home.

"Body-building and different packs, like six packs, cannot protect one from the virus. Along with that, one should practice yoga which helps in easy breathing when the virus is at the minimum level. Finally, wear masks, maintain social distance and don't waste your time and energies watching scary news about Covid on TV or Youtube channels if you want to win over the novel virus", concludes Raju.

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