Jayaprada received 10 rupees for first film, considers this actress as enemy

Today is the birthday of Jayaprada, who was the best actress of her time. Today she is celebrating her 58th birthday. Jayaprada has been a great actress and even today she has millions of fans. Today we are going to tell you about Jayaprada's love. Few people know that Jayaprada had become another woman for her love. Let's know the story. First of all, let us know that Jayaprada's real name is Lalitha Rani.

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Lalitha Rani became Jaya Prada after appearing in films. Lalita aka Jaya was born on 3 April 1962 in Rajahmundry district of Andhra Pradesh and started her film career with the Telugu film 'Bhumikosam'. Her father's name was Krishna Rao, a financier of Telugu films. Jaya Prada got only 10 rupees for acting in her first film. In 1986, when Jayaprada became very famous, she married producer Shrikant Nahata. Both got married on 22 June 1986 and Jayaprada was the second wife of Srikanth. Before this, Srikanth married Chandra with whom he also has three children.

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There was a lot of controversy with the marriage of Srikanth and Jayaprada as he married Jayaprada without divorcing his first wife. Surprisingly at that time, Srikanth had children with his first wife even after marrying Jayaprada. There was an era during that when there was a tremendous competition between Sridevi and Jayaprada and both did not like to talk to each other. It is said that during the shooting of the film 'Motive' in the year 1984, Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra had locked both of them in the makeup room, so that they could be friends again, but after two hours when the door of the makeup room was opened Both of them were seen sitting separately separately. It is said that both of them were jealous of a couple. Jaya stays single even after getting married.

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