Roads turning into death traps, people anguished

Rajamahendravaram: The people in the city here are expressing their anguish over the poor maintenance of roads by Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation (RMC). Potholes with depths measuring 6 to 12 inches on the roads are creating panic among the motorists.

Instead of repeated reminders, the officials of the respective departments in the RMC have not been taking any action to fill up the pits and potholes. The main roads stretches out from Jampeta to Sai Krishna theatre, Tadi Tota centre to Morampudi junction, Kotipalli bus station to town Railwat station, Godavari bund, Gokavaram bus station to Devi Chowk, Fire Station to Satyanarayanaswamy temple, TTD Kalyana Mandapam road etc are in damaged condition.

Many road accidents are taking place because of the potholes in the middle of the roads. Every day, the RMC corporation officials commute on the roads in the town but surprisingly, they express ignorance about the bad conditions of the roads.

Speaking to The Hans India here on Sunday, senior citizen M Ramesh said that all the people were paying road tax along with other taxes to the RMC and yet, the roads were in a neglected state. Why is it that the corporation was not taking any action in repairing the roads, he questioned.

He alleged that the Engineering Department was laying cement roads only in the posh areas where the upper strata of the society lives. Trenches across the roads in many areas are also another reason for the occurrence of road mishaps. Trenches are being dug for laying of pipelines. However, they are left incomplete.

A teacher K Kamala, said many accidents were taking place at speed brakers as the RMC was not painting them. As a result, the vehicle riders were getting hurt

when their motorbikes lose balance and start tumbling. She demanded the officials concerned of the RMC to take appropriate steps and repair the roads or lay new roads in the city immediately.

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