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Industrial effluents pollute holy Godavari

KAKINADA: Though not to the extent of River Ganges, pollution is likely to cause disaster to River Godavari. Even though River Godavari is considered a sacred river after Ganges, the river has been polluted and is not suitable for even taking bath in some of the areas.

Most of the people, including Hindus, and those of other religions feel that taking bath in Godavari is sacred and they can get rid of their sins after taking a holy dip here. But according to environmentalists, Godavari river water cannot be used for agriculture purpose also due to the contamination.

Sources said that plastic waste, industrial waste, effluents from ponds, chemical residues in agriculture, especially untreated sewage at the villages, towns and cities across Godavari find way to the river.

According to the older generation, they drank water without filtering it in the ancient days. But  now, it is not advisable to use river water even for taking bath. However, several people have been taking bath in the river where it appears to be clean. Even canals to the river have been polluted and some canals have a bad smell. Environmentalists said that Godavari River is polluted from its birth place Nasik as several industries have been set up in Maharashtra, across the river, and the industrial effluents and sewage are released in to the river. However, in Andhra Pradesh, Godavari waters mostly flow from Pranahitha and Sabari. The environmentalists said that though the water is polluted from its birth place, due to overflow of water, it is better in Agency hillock areas and nearby Polavaram Project area. But, near Rajahmundry, the pollution is very high and all sorts of waste and plastic can be found floating on the river. The fishermen said that they have been facing difficulty in catching the fish in the river, due to the waste accumulation in it. They said that they have to spent half of the time to remove the waste during the time of catching the fish.

Eminent environmentalist Tallavajjula Patanjali Sastry said that the water is polluted at Bhadrachalam and sewage water in Rajahmundry and many villages across the river and other industrial wastes reach the sea and causes danger in future. He suggested the government to release some Turtles that can cleanse the water as part of taking immediate steps. He said that Eluru canal that receives Krishna water has been completely polluted and cannot be used even for taking bath. The governments should not give way to such circumstances in River Godavari. He said that the government should take care to cleanse Krishna and Godavari Rivers in an urgent manner.

Rajahmundry MP Margani Sribharat said that he would take efforts to bring funds from the Union Government for cleansing the river on the lines of Ganges.


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