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YSRCP MP Candidates encourage cross voting!

TDP and YSRCP are in post-mortem phase to analyze the polling trend in recent completion of the elections. Both party leaders claim their victory in AP General Elections. CBN is on the way of the completion of review of each Parliament Constituency on daily basis. YSRCP leaders are getting reports on polling trend from all segments.

Reportedly, YSRCP leaders are worrisome that three YSRCP Parliament nominees themselves requested voters and cadre to vote for Parliament and leave the assembly vote for their choice. It seems that there was no co-ordination between Parliament and Assembly nominees. As per buzz, Nellore, Anakapalle and Rajahmundry YSRCP candidates tried to bail out themselves and ignored Assembly candidates. Adala Prabhakar Reddy who joined in YSRCP in last minute and got MP ticket for Nellore didn’t get the support from party leaders.

He called some of the cadre directly and requested them to vote for Parliament and gave option to Assembly to them. In the same way Anakapalle and Rajahmundry YSRCP candidates have did in same manner. Anakapalle MP Candidate Dr. Satyavathi got the Ticket after offering huge donation to Party fund and also promised to bear election expenditure for all MLA nominees. At the time of polling Satyavathi ignored the Assembly candidates and requested the voters for Parliament only. Party leaders haven’t confident on success of these three MP segments.

YSRCP MP Candidates encourage cross voting!
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