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Rajahmundry: Excavations reveal tools, crystal beads

Rajahmundry: State archaeology authorities have found an ancient civilisation along the banks of Godavari river dating back to 10,000 BC in which people used tools from the stone age as well as from the metal age. Excavations being carried out at Rudramkota and Rayanapeta in Godavari districts have revealed broken pieces of pottery, planned burials, crystal beads and copper bracelet.

In the wake of submergence of nearly 300 villages under the Polavaram irrigation project, the state archaeological authorities are carrying out excavations in the vulnerable villages to collect ancient relics to conserve and protect them and place them in archaeology museums. In the recent excavations, they have found stone tools, broken pieces of pottery and sophisticated megalithic burials where the bodies of dead were kept in big pots and huge stones with a capstone covering them. In some cases, after burning the bodies, their skeletal remains were placed in pots that were covered with huge stones from all sides with a capstone on top. The authorities were wondering how the huge capstones were lifted manually and placed there.

The authorities have also found nearly 150 crystal beads of different shapes and colours. Some were drum-shaped while some were diamond shaped. Most of them were white while some were coloured. In metal age, authorities have found a copper bracelet and a knife made of iron and some tools indicating that the people led a civilized life using tools for varied purposes. The authorities say that using a copper bracelet as an ornament for the fore arm gives an indication that the people were fashion conscious realising what they should wear in terms of ornaments or clothing and also how they should appear to others.

State archaeology assistant director G. Venkata Ratnam said, “As we are carrying out excavations in vulnerable villages located along the course of Godavari river on either side, we have found several tools of stone age and metal age giving indication that the ancient people led a very civilised life in terms of tools they used, ornaments they wore and sophisticated burial system to secure the dead mainly at Rayanapeta and Rudramkota villages.”

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