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The unique experiment of using an escalator-like machine for clearing garbage from a major drain in the city, which is a major problem, has been successful.The problem arises in cities mainly because of improper drainage set-up, leading to the spread of diseases with mosquitoes becoming a menace. It becomes a tough task for the sanitation staff to manage the situation effectively. 

 In this scenario, Hariprasad – a commoner – hit upon the idea of using an escalator-like machine to remove garbage from drains. He explained its working to Rajamahendravaram municipal commissioner V Vijayarama Raju, who was impressed with the idea and suggested that the machine be used on an experimental basis for garbage clearance. It was fixed near Aryanagar-Krishnanagar nala to lift filth paving the way for the smooth flow of water in the drains. While the belt of the escalator lifts garbage, a drier dumps it on the road. 

Once the water content gets evaporated the garbage is lifted in lorries for conversion into vermi-compost. In the absence this process, clearance of garbage used to involve 20-24 sanitation employees working in drains. Yet it would not be completed on time. Thanks to the escalator, two lorry-loads of garbage is being cleared in one hour from the nala, where sewerage from 30 divisions gets accumulated. The sanitation staff is happy that the experiment has become successful with the garbage clearance becoming easy using the machine. 

Corporation officials claim that in no other civic body such machine is being used. Commissioner Raju told The Hans India that the escalator could clear garbage in one hour. Assistant engineer Narayana said that earlier eight staffers used to work in three shifts. “The use of the machine made the task of the staff easy and they could take up garbage clearance in other drains. The machine should be encouraged, as it could become more effective during the monsoon season,” he noted.

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