City Buses to roll out in the Rajahmundry City


Bus services are going to be started soon in the city, said the Lok Sabha member M Muralimohan here on Sunday.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, Rajahmundry MP Muralimohan said that the bus services would be launched on 5th Feb. APSRTC has made arrangements to operate 10 buses in three routes in the first phase. Students, business community and others who come to the city from peripheral areas of Rajahmundry village will be befitted by the city bus services, added the Lok Sabha MP. The bus fare is going to be in the range of Rs.7-Rs. 20. He further said that more buses would be operated in the coming months depending on demand from commuters. There will be separate areas for city bus stands and auto stands, informed Muralimohan. 

Speaking on the occasion, Rajamahendravaram rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary said that the people from rural areas would be benefitted significantly due to the introduction of city bus services. Traffic woes have become a big concern in the city due to the presence of 15 thousand auto rickshaws. The introduction of city bus services will ease out the traffic problem too, said Butchaiah Chowdhary. Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhary assured the auto drivers that the introduction of bus services would in no way affect them.
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Route No -1: Quarry market, Ananda Nagar, Mallayya Peta, Paper mill, Kotilingalaghat, Chiranjeevi bus shelter, Akira hospital, Gokavaram bus stand, Pushkar ghat, Godavari bund, Syamala centre, RTC complex, Morampudi, Namavaram and satellite city.

Route No-2:  Gokavaram  bus stand, Devi Chowk, Gorakhanapeta church centre, Thadithota junction, Kotipalli bus stand, railway station, ILTD junction, Balaji Peta, Bommuru junction, Horlicks factory, Vemagiri and Kadiyam

Route No-3: Rayudu Pakala, KolamuruKonthamuru, Sanitorium, Quarry market, Chiranjeevi bus shelter, Akira hospital, Gokavaram bus stand, Devi Chowk, Gorakshana Peta church centre, Shelton hotel, Thadithota junction, Kotipalli bus stand, Railway station, ILTD junction, Balaji Peta, Bommuru, Rajavolu and Kesavaram.

Three buses each in the first and second routes and four buses in the third route would be operated. At every stage, buses will be operated every ½ hour. 

A minimum rate of Rs. 7 has been fixed for the first stage, Rs. 8 for the second stage, Rs. 10 for the third and fourth stages, Rs.11 for the fifth stage, Rs. 12 for the sixth stage, Rs. 15 for the seventh and eight stages, Rs. 16 for the ninth stage, Rs. 17 for the 10th stage, Rs. 18 for the 11th stage and Rs. 20 for the 12th stage.   

Caption: Rajamahendravaram MP M Muralimihan announcing city bus services at Rajahendravaram on Sunday. MLC Adireddi Appa Rao, Rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary, City MLA Dr Akula Satyannarayana and municipal commissioner V Vijayarama Raju are also seen in the picture.