Karthika Vana Samaradhana rush at Kadiyam nursaries

Rajahmundry: All gardens along all roads leading to Rajahmundry were in great demand for the parties with Sunday being the last day for the ending of the highly auspicious ‘Kartika Masam'. There was a mad rush for places suitable for garden parties. 

The programme, witnessed the participation of hundreds of people at Sri Satyadeva Nursery at Kadiyam village of East Godavari district. The gathering was enthralled with delicious community lunch, consisting of choicest vegetarian dishes. 

Well-groomed and lush green orchards made this `Karthika Vana Samaradhana' (garden partying) a more exhilarating experience for merrymakers. Families and social groups thronged gardens to celebrate the joys of the season's fine weather and cool outings. Sensing the general mood, the district administration had made elaborate preparations for making the garden parties more interesting this time. 

Going for picnics in this auspicious month is an age-old tradition. It is considered to be pious and healthy to take part in a feast in the shade of trees during this month. Those interested in going for a picnic opted for orchards and nurseries. While picnics continue to be fun, garden parties have captured the imagination of the hep crowd of the city. Those, who belong to the different clubs and kitties, had a ball at these parties. 

Besides the regular tambola, a number of party games are conducted to entertain the guests. Shamiyanas, chairs and even refrigerators needed to make the party a success are transported to the mango gardens.