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Maredumilli is one of the excellent tourist place in Andhra Pradesh. Forests of East Godavari District are having rich biodiversity and the area is having semi evergreen forests with undulating terrain, which forms part of the Eastern Ghats.T he Maredumilli Community Conservation & Eco Tourism Area is situated on Maredumilli – Bhadrachalam road, nearly 4 Km. away from Maredumilli village. The area is having many streams flowing over the undulating rocks in the deep woods and any visitor feel thrilling experience in the Nature.
The Eco-tourism project is managed by the local indigenous tribal community of Valamuru, Somireddypalem and Valmeekipeta Vana Samrkshana Samithi people with the active support of Andhra Pradesh Forest Department. The project was successfully completed in a short span of time due to the commitment of the highly motivated community participation coupled with the timely financial assistance from the World Bank aided Andhra Pradesh Community Forest Management Project. This also provided unique opportunity to the native ethnic community to spread the message of conservation to the masses.
The jungle star campsite is located adjoining the Valamuru river with the stream flowing on 3 sides overlooking the Vali-Sugriva Konda which is believed to be the battle ground of the Vali-Sugriva during the Ramayana period. The remarkable variation of the battleground with the presence of grass land, encircled by forests on the other hillocks makes the visitor to pay attention on the legendary story.
As a part of Tourism Development Maredumilli Forest Rest House was constructed in the year 1914, the Forest Rest House is in Maredumilli Village with all facilities. The name of the rest house is Abhayaranya Forest Rest House. Suits are available here for stay of Tourists.

How to Reach:
From Rajahmundry: 80KM
Rajahmundry - Korukonda - Gokavaram - Rampachodavaram - Maredumilli - 80KM

From Visakhapatnam:
Visakhapatnam - Annavaram - Jagampeta - Gokavaram - Rampachodavaram - Maredumilli - 280KM

From Kakinada:
Kakinada – Jaggampeta – Gokavaram-Rampachodavaram-Maredumilli – 120 Kms

If you planning from Hyderabad or Vijayawada it is better to go via Rajahmundry.

Cottages can be clocked by calling 9494151617

Trek Routes :
Valamuru to Amrutha Dhara 8 Km – 2 Km trek deep into waterfall
Cross Country Trek – From Tiger camp to Vijjuluru 8 Km
Adventure Trek – From Valamuru to Nelluru 10Km
Travle Plans :
Rajahmundry – Gokavaram – Rampachodavaram – Maredumilli - 81 Kms.
Kakinada – Jaggampeta – Gokavaram-Rampachodavaram-Maredumilli – 120 Kms
For any other Information Contact :
Forest Range Officer, Rampachodavaram. Phone:08864-243838
Sub-Divisional Forest Officer, Rampachodavaram. Phone: 08864-243838
District Forest Officer, Kakinada. Phone: 0884-2379381, Mobile:09440810042