Pattiseema Project Controversy

Pattiseema Project Controversy See Pattiseema Project Controversy | The Pattiseema Project  has became subject of harsh  criticisms  and  controversy. The  project not  only  rocked  the Andhra Pradesh assembly but it also  invited  fume from AP  farmers. Following are the facts which raised  controversy. AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu launched Pattiseema project *19 villages in Krishna district and two in West Godavari district are  against the  project *Pattiseema project may take 3 years to finish while Polavaram Project may take  4 years *Benefits of Pattiseema Project are not even half compared to the Polavaram Project See Also: Facts behind Polavaram 7 villages *The  estimated  expenditure on Pattiseema Project will be  around Rs.1300 crores.But the  government has  approved  tenders at 22% excess  cost  increasing total project cost to Rs.2000 crores.Considering the  financial condition of AP state,Political analysts are saying its sheer waste of money * Polavaram Project is reservoir project and  Pattiseema Project  is  lift irrigation project. If krishna and godavari floods occur at same  time lifting  water may not be possible. See Also: Facts behind AP Land Pooling Above facts show why the  Pattiseema Project has  received  criticisms  and became the subject of controversy.

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