Lift scheme: Godavari MLAs counter YSRC’s campaign

Telugu Desam MLAs hailing from East and West Godavari districts took the steam out of argument by YSR Congress members by asserting that the Pattiseema project which would divert only surplus Godavari waters to Rayalaseema would not go against the interests of East and West Godavari farmers.

Mr. G. Butchaiah Choudhary said in the Assembly here on Tuesday what was the harm if water going to sea was utilised for Polavaram after meeting the requirements of 13 lakh acres under cultivation in Krishna delta. The government was committed to completing Polavaram including head works and power project in four years.

In the interim period, Pattiseema project was being taken up as augmentation for about 100 days a year and prevent drought in Rayalaseema, he said. The purpose of Pattiseema was to provide water to Rayalaseema and allow transplantation on time in Godavari districts.

The Congress government paid Rs.30,000 crore extra for projects under Jala Yagnam that had never been completed. It gave mobilisation advances and released bills for inferior work. Telugu Desam government would not give mobilisation advance and if Pattiseema project was not completed within one year, one fourth of cost would not be released to the contractor.

Another ruling party member Gollapalli Suryarao said Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy was creating panic among farmers with a vested interest and asserted that Mr. Chandrababu Naidu would not allow any injustice to Godavari districts’ farmers.

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