History of Rajahmundry

Rajahmundry is a municipal corporation city located in Andhra Pradesh state in India and is located on the river banks of the Godavari. Rajahmundry is the fourth largest city in the Andhra Pradesh state and it is also known as “Cultural Capital“, since it has a rich cultural past with a flourishing present and a promising future. The biggest attraction in Rajahmundry is the river Godavari. The three bridges over the river, are the most attractive and lengthy bridges found in Andhra Pradesh. There are many beautiful ghats and parks on the river banks. Sir Arthur Cotton had great plans for Rajahmundry, he decided to build a anicut (dam) in Dowlaiswaram due to its proximity to a hill that suited his purpose. Asia’s largest rail-cum-road bridge on the river Godavari linking Kovvur and Rajahmundry is considered to be an engineering feat. The First Godavari Rail Bridge was built in the year 1897.
History of Rajahmundry:
Its original was Rajamahendri or Rajamahendravaram. The Chalukya ruler Rajaraja Narendra ruled this city around 1022. The town has traces of 11th century fine palaces and fort walls. However, new archeological evidence suggests that the town may have existed far before the Chalukyas. The original name underwent a gradual metamorphosis with the name changed to Rajahmundry during the British rule. The British used Rajahmundry as “Head Quarters” of Godavari District but subsequently the seat of administration was shifted to Kakinada and the District named as East Godavari.
It is the birth place of the Telugu language. It was here that Telugu was given grammar and a script by the poet Nannayya, without which it could not have been termed as a language.


  • Rajahmundry is well connected to all parts of the state. NH-5 passes by this place. With one national highway and two state highways, it has excellent road connectivity to all important places like Annavaram, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Jaipur and Lunckow. It is a main city for both the Godavari districts.
  • The city is also well connected by the railway network. Rajahmundry has one of the biggest railway stations in Andhra Pradesh and is one of the top revenue generator for South Central Railways. All trains along the Howrah-Chennai route stop here. It is also connected by a number of trains from Hyderabad, the state capital.
  • Rajahmundry is accessible by air through flights from Bangalore and Hyderabad. These 2 cities are connected by flights operated by Kingfisher Red. The airport is situated near Madhurapudi which is 10 km away from the heart of the city. The government has recently sanctioned an amount of rupees 200 crores for the installation of night landing facilities and construction of a new terminal building at the Rajahmundry airport.And in soon we can see it as national airport.
  • The recent tourism developments by the government has made excellent platform for Rajahmundry to boast itself as water-way transport hub. Though currently the water way transport caters for select few purposes like pilgrimage, tourism etc., the government has huge plans for the future.
  • The Municipal corporation of rajahmundry is planning to upgrade it form corporation to urban development authority the vision city.
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