No special darshan at Simhachalam

Visakhapatnam: Authorities at the Simhachalam temple have decided to cancel certain rituals.
Around 10,000 devotees visit the temple every day. The number of visitors have dropped to between 5,000 to 6,000, said temple authorities.
Executive officer M Venkateswara Rao said the temple has cancelled special darshan and provided for rapid darshan instead. The Saharsrchana rituals, which is held at 5pm every day, has also been cancelled temporarily.
The timings for Mahanivedana, which is held every day at 11.30 am, will now be held for 20 minutes against its usual duration of one hour.
Temple authorities have requested devotees to not bring children and the elderly for darshan till further instruction. Devotees have also been requested to wear masks.
Special medical camps are being conducted at the temple, temple authorities said.
Meanwhile, Sarada Peetham Uttaradhikaari seer Swatmanandendra said the peetham would perform yagams for 11 days to neutralise Covid-19.
The main seer of the Peetham Swaroopanandendra after examining ayurveda texts has initiated yagas advised in Yogavaasistam, he said.
The seer postponed the Hindu Dharma Prachara Yatra at Rajahmundry and returned to Vizag on Tuesday to perform the yagams.

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