'Godavari water on the verge of becoming unfit for drinking'

Rajahmundry: Waterman of India, Rajendra Singh on Saturday stressed on the need for everybody to join hand to conserve River Godavari. He spoke at the concluding meeting of “Godavari Parirakshana Yatra” at Adikavi Nannaya University near Rajahmundry on Saturday. Godavari Parirakshana Yatra had begun on February 4 at Nasik Triambakeshwar in Maharashtra and concluded on February 21 at Antarvedhi in East Godavari.
Addressing the gathering, Singh said, the problems in Godavari begins at its source — Nashik — where encroachments have come up on either side. Another problem is Maharashtra’s sewage water, which is being let into the river by all municipal corporations and panchayats.
In Telangana, Singh said, River Godavari River has become Godavari canal due to the over-exploitation of all its water for agriculture. Moreover, idols like Ganesh and Durga are immersed in the river. He explained, “From Basara to Khammam, the sewage and industrial pollutants are entering the Godavari waters, there are encroachments on either side of the river.” He said that he witnessed solid waste being dumped at the confluence of Pranahita and Godavari, in Kaleswaram and at Basara.
Singh observed that the state of Godavari in Andhra Pradesh is no better. He said not much water flows from Telangana as the most of the river water is used for irrigation. Only Sabari, Sileru and a few other rivulets in the Papi National Park are feeding the Godavari in AP. He said, “Due to less flow it is the sea that is coming forward to meet the river rather than the river meeting the sea. This can lead to increased salinity level in the delta region”. He maintained that the river water, which is the main source of drinking water in AP, is now polluted and it is on the verge of becoming unfit for drinking.
He added that sand mining was causing irreparable damage to the river bed and in the downstream of Dowleswaram.

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