Gas leak: Experts cap valve manually

Rajahmundry: Two RCMT teams finally managed to check the gas leak at the PFH Oil and Gas Pvt Ltd-owned oil well in Uppidi village on Tuesday morning by manually closing the gate valve. The gas leak had begun on February 2.
According to ONGC authorities, emergency team used water umbrella overnight at the site of gas leak to cool the wellhead where the natural gas was escaping at a force of 100 kg /cm2. The water umbrella allowed the RCMT team approach the well and by 10:47 am the well was closed and capped successfully.
The ONGC had closed the oil well in 2007 had handed it over to the Union government in 2016-17 and it is was leased out by PFH Oil and Gas Private Limited, Kolkata, a year ago.

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