Eminent Ophthalmologist VK Raju honored by Egyptian Ophthalmology Society

Founder-President of Eye Foundation of America Dr. VK Raju was honored by the Egyptian Ophthalmology Society with a medal for his contribution in the field of prevention of blindness among children worldwide

CAIRO (TIP): Dr. VK Raju, an eminent ophthalmologist based in Morgan Town, West Virginia, USA was invited to Cairo by the Egyptian Ophthalmology Society to speak on childhood blindness. He lectured on difficult cataract surgery, prevention of blindness in premature children. The condition is called ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). If premature babies are given too much oxygen, it can be harmful. It leads to bleeding in the eye and causes permanent blindness. The good news is it can be prevented by laser treatment. Early recognition is the key.

Dr. Raju who is Founder and President of the Eye Foundation of America is a passionate crusader for prevention of avoidable childhood blindness. His passion takes him to many parts of the world, particularly to his country of origin India where he has set up a hospital and eye institute in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. At the Goutami Eye Institute, Rajahmundry, a dedicated staff serves a large community, particularly rural.

Dr. VK Raju is internationally recognized and has been honored by many organizations. Only this January, Rotary Club of Calcutta, the oldest Rotary club, at their centenary celebrations, honored Dr. Raju for his tremendous contribution.

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