Naidu raises 'one state, one capital' slogan, says won't allow capital shift from Amaravati

Rajahmundry: TDP chief and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu raised the slogan ‘one state, one capital’ during a public rally in Rajahmundry on Friday.
“A large state like Uttar Pradesh has one capital. All other states in the country have one capital. What is the need of having three capitals? I will fight till the last to stop the government from shifting the capital from Amaravati,” he said, while warning that the entire police force of the state will not be enough to arrest the people who are agitating for having the capital in Amaravati.
Lamenting that Amaravati has become a war zone due to the strong-arm tactics of the state government, Naidu alleged that woman protesters were beaten up by male police in the capital area.
“I have approached the National Women’s Commission to probe this. Efforts are being made to undo everything that my government did.
“ The high court building, DGP office, secretariat and assembly building have been built in Amaravati. It’s the best place to have the state’s capital, but this government has killed the goose that was capable of laying golden eggs,” he alleged.
Targeting state DGP Goutam Sawang, Naidu alleged that the police are violating the law by suppressing the peaceful movement of farmers in Amaravati.
“YSRC has no love for Visakhapatnam, the party is only interested in usurping prime land in the district,” he said. Naidu later took part in a rally with his party members under the aegis of Amaravati Parirakshna Samiti and collected donations from people to keep the Amaravati movement going.

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